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Crystal Coolers is the supplier of an exclusive range of water coolers, water chillers, water fountains and coffee machines. All of our products have been carefully selected by our professional team to ensure the highest international standards of quality are met.

Our goal is to help our clients achieve a healthier, cleaner and greener lifestyle, this is why we offer the best water coolers and commercial coffee machines Durban, Johannesburg and Richards Bay has to offer.Because our clients matter to us, we only supply superior products.

Our water coolers and water fountains come complete with built-in filtration systems. These filtration systems provide our clients with the healthiest solution, as such we consider them to be of vital importance. Filtered water has been proven to be the cleanest source of water and has also been shown to reduce such risks as cancer of the colon and bladder. For the best water filters Durban, Johannesburg and Richards Bay has to offer, look no further than Crystal Coolers.

The technologies we employ also assist your business in saving time and money. Bottled water is an expensive investment, and is also extremely harmful to the environment. Water filters are able to purify regular municipal water, straight from the tap. Our filtering systems enable you to stop wasting money on bottled water and eliminate the extreme cost of water delivery.

The Products that we offer include:
• Water Coolers • Water Dispensers • Water Fountains • Filters • Coffee Machines

The products we supply have been vetted by industry leaders, because we are dedicated to providing only the best products available. All of our products use the latest technologies and maintain the highest standards.

There is great necessity for these products. The demand for them is far reaching and can range from home owners to large corporations. Everyone strives to lead a healthier and greener lifestyle, and what better way to gain this than through our cost-effective services? For the ultimate water cooler and water dispenser Durban, Johannesburg and Richards Bay has to give, Crystal Coolers is the go-to company for you!

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Improve your lifestyle with our incredible water coolers & dispensers.

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Bring filtered water to your colleagues, school or offices! Take the path toward a cost-effective and healthier lifestyle.



Get delicious coffee whenever you desire! Our products are of the latest technology and are easy to use.