Whether for your home or your office, a water cooler is a great investment. You need to have a few glasses of water a day to keep your body functioning at an optimal level. Why not do so with an ice-cold glass of water? Here are a few reasons you should invest in a water cooler:

It’s convenient

If you have a water cooler, you can get a glass of water whenever you want or need one. You can fill up you glass with cold, thirst quenching water at the push of a button. The easy access to a cold glass of water will encourage you to drink more often which is beneficial to your health.

Cost effective

Water coolers are money savers. They may be an expensive purchase, but the money that they will save you from going to the store and buying water bottles makes them worthwhile. All you must do is top up your cooler with water occasionally.

Environmentally friendly

Water coolers are the environmentally friendly choice because they minimise your water bottle purchases. The less water bottles you purchase, the less plastic there is that could potentially end up in oceans.


Compared to taps, water coolers are sanitary. When filling a glass of water from a bathroom or kitchen you are risking your health. Germs from people’s hands collect on the taps and the water often contains fluoride which is not good for your bones. Water coolers minimise health risks.