We Keep the Best Water Fountain Durban Has To Offer

For a long time, water fountains were the stuff of Hollywood television series and movies in South Africa. We’d only see these fountains when it acted as a plotline in some outlandish movie, or when it was the punchline in a joke. Luckily, water fountain Durban is gaining momentum among South Africans from all walks of life, who are waking up to the great potential and health benefits of these fountains.


No, it’s not a water feature that you can use to complement your outdoor décor. The modern water fountain Durban has to offer is a drink station that’s bringing filtered water to office spaces, schools and businesses all across the city. At Crystal Coolers, we offer only the best water dispensers and fountains available on the market today. Our products are sought after on the market because of its reputation for innovation, excellence and durability.


In fact, the demand for reliable and secure water fountains in Durban, and the rest of South Africa, is rapidly on the rise. We bring only the finest quality products and most cutting edge technologies to the market, and will never stray from this principle. Our water fountains are made up of advanced filtration systems, ensuring the cleanest and healthiest water possible for your staff, colleagues or students.


Learn More About The Best Water Fountain Durban Has Available


We know what our customers want. In fact, we have nearly 10 years’ experience in supplying the products our customers want. Using this insight into the industry, we aim to always stay on top of the latest trends, and to even anticipate our clients’ needs and requirements.
To this end, we’ve developed a line of water fountains:


  • These water fountains provide ambient and refreshing water at room temperature;
  • That dispense cold water from 4 to 8 degrees, and offer 35l per hour;
  • That are attractive and reliable, and come in stainless steel designs;
  • The Crystal Coolers water fountains come with filters.


To learn more about what we do, and how our products can benefit your office, school or organisation right now, speak to us today. We look forward to bringing the health benefits of advanced water fountains to you today.